Leatherman LEATHER 4"Large Sheath

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Der Verkauf von Leatherman Artikeln, bei denen es sich um Einhandmesser handelt, setzt ein Mindestalter von 18 Jahren voraus. Bei Auslieferung wird ein Altersnachweis gefordert.

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The Leatherman LEATHER Sheath 4"Large is a belt sheath for your Leatherman Multi-tool which can be obtained from our online-shop. This useful bag made from soft, slightly grained leather with characteristic logo and lettering was specially designed for Leatherman multi-tools BLAST, CRUNCH, WAVE and SKELETOOL. A press button closes the sheath safely preventing your multi-tool from dropping out while moving.

If you attach your Leatherman LEATHER Sheath 4"LRG to your belt with the dedicated loop you can start the day without worries. Whenever you need your multi-tool your can quickly open the sheath and draw your tool. This case does not only prevent your tool from getting lost but also from outside influences. Visit our online-shop to find this sheath for your multi-tool.

Type Sheath
Material leather
Color black
Manufacturer Leatherman
Herstellernummer LTG 934835
Zustand neu
EAN 0037447630040

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