About Life is simple®

The Life is simple GmbH & Co. KG is one of Germany's leading outfitters of fire, police, aid agencies and security services. Specializing in wireless technology and footwear, the company from Münster offers quick customer service and a great range of products- online and in the 400 square meter store.

Life is simple is the Germany-general agency for REXON® wireless technology, the regional base dealer for HAIX® safety shoes and one of the biggest direct retailer of all Leatherman® products. A key success of the company: the company holds all the products constantly in stock - including all models, variants and sizes. Therefore, all multi-tools and pocket tools from Leatherman® are always available for dispatch or pick-up. Customers from all over Germany appreciate that they do not need their own warehousing and rely on the rapid delivery by Life is simple.