Leatherman MICRA Silver pockettool

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The Leatherman MICRA Silver is a very durable and compact multi-tool including ten functional tools. The multi-tool has a length of 6,5cm when closed and weighs only 51gram. It combines high-value spring-action scissors, sharp knife, ruler, flat Phillips screwdriver, medium screwdriver, bottle opener, nail file including nail cleaner, tweezers and an extra small watchmaker screwdriver.

The Leatherman MICRA Silver is the ideal multi-tool for fishermen or craftsmen. With different screwdrivers, very useful scissors and a knife it can be used for numerous different works on the go. Also, for body care it is the ideal companion. The small, delicate shape is the reason why it is popular and unique. It can be attached to every key chain or stored in a sewing kit. Equip yourself with this functional multi-tool - you will not want to miss it afterwards.

Tools File, Mini pry, Phillips screwdriver (flat / No. 3), Ruler (2.54/5/19/22cm), 420HC Knife, Tweezers, Scissors, Screwdriver (small/medium/large/slot/watchmaker)
Type Pockettools
Material Aluminum alloy
Color silver
Gewicht (g) 51
Anwendungsbereich Home improvement
Klingenlänge (mm) 41
Abmessung geschlossen (mm) 65
Korpus Stainless steel structure
Manufacturer Leatherman
Herstellernummer LTG 64010181N
Zustand neu
EAN 0037447640698

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